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Gord Cooper Registered Herbalist

Gord Cooper
Registered Herbalist

White Sage Naturals is a website dedicated to providing natural health information and highest quality natural products to support you on your journey of health.

Educating ourselves is one of the most empowering things we can do (aside from actually implementing what we learn!), in order to stay healthy or address a specific health issue. It’s a waste of time to gain an understanding in how to improve your health in a natural way and then do nothing about it, or expect a pill to replace lifestyle imbalances like lack of physical activity and a poor quality diet.

So called “eating well” with food alone in a society that has let its farming soil quality degrade over the last 90 or so years, is all but impossible. In the Western world, mineral depletion of the soils, synthetic pesticide use and now GMO biotechnology has actually turned our food into a slow-ticking, disease-creating time bomb, where cancer and cardiovascular disease rates continue to climb. Along with the levels of industrial toxicity, radiation, chemtrails, and EMF’s (Electro Magnetic Fields), we are being chemically assaulted in a way our ancestors never had to deal with. So we need to take more measures in order to be as healthy as possible.

This is where concentrated nutrients come in to play. Herbs and other superfoods are able to assist the body in marshalling it’s vital force to overcome both envirnomental toxicity and nutritional deficiencies. Unlike much of the natural health industry, which is inundated with pharmaceutically produced synthetic vitamins of questionable effectiveness, WhiteSageNaturals selects only those natural products that are in a whole food form, or a complex living matrix of multiple component nutrients in one single item, that have a higher degree of benefit to the body’s health because absorption rates are highest, the beneficial effects on the body are more profound and widespread, and side effects are minimal or non-existent. Reishi mushroom (ganoderma lucidum) for example has more than thirty-five therapeutic properties and its beneficial effects span multiple organ systems, like the nervous system, digestive system, immune system and cardiovascular system. It will benefit liver function, reduce inflammation, enhance immunity without overstimulation, reduce cholesterol and other blood fats, help prevent excessive blood clotting, increase oxygenation, enhance ATP levels (Adenosine triphospahte is the energy currency molecule at the cell level), improve sleep qualtiy and much more.

People who have looked more deeply into the relationship with taking herbs and the energy flow (Chi or Qi)) in the body know Reshi is one of the only TCM herbs known to raise the shen of the body thereby helping one to rasie ones spiritual energy and achieve a higher state of consciousness, and be more energetically able to defend against the ravages of time, pollution, as well as accelerate ones spiritual evolution. Not bad for just one supplement!

Most of all the other ‘top in their category’ products have similar stories. They tend to be adaptogenic in nature, and thus, each in their own unique ways, help us to adapt to stress on many levels; nutrient deficiency, toxic overload, free radical damage and accelerated aging, endocrine imbalance due to chronic glandular stress leading to states like CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), immune dyregulation, and more serious chronic disease.

Mother Nature often has the simplest ways for us to heal or stay healthy, as long as we take the steps to bring our lives back into balance with her own rhythms. So when you look into the information and use the products on this site, bear in mind the holistic nature of true healing. We each need to provide the basic elements for abundant health in body, mind and spirit. Pure nutrients from foods and herbs, pure water, adequate rest both for the body and mind, and spiritual connection to nature, our fellow earth-bound creatures and to our Divine connection within.

Check out the information on the products, and their benefits under product categories. The home page will show a recent blog and videos of current interest. If you want to see more info on health issues, please see my blog and archives.

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