Total Life Systems is committed to excellence in Natural Healing. My clinical practice and website is about helping you find deep and lasting healing for your whole being: Body, Mind and Spirit. I go beyond “take this pill for that symptom” to help you reach a place where you can enjoy all aspects of your life. I offer you the chance to build a foundation of superior health, and can impart to you the knowledge to keep you there.  I have spent the last 13 years in the Healing Arts field, learning and applying the best aspects of Natural Health, and the last 35 years searching for ways of living a more conscious and spiritual life. For me, this is and always will be an ongoing process, for health is not just the absence of disease, but the complete unfolding of your full Human-Divine potential.

Clinical Services

The following is a summary of the Clinical Services available from Gord Cooper that you will find on this site. For in-depth information on these Services and more, please refer to the links below or in the menu bar across the top of each page. For rates and further contact information, please click on the About Me link in the toolbar above.

This traditional healing modality offers you individualized tonic herbal formulations for your specific health issues. This is based on the use of predominantly Western herbs in the form of extracts and tinctures. For more information please click here.

Improving diet in simple and easy ways goes a long way to increasing health, daily energy levels and long-term vitality. You will get support to apply the fundamentals of eating tasty and easily prepared foods to support your long-term health, as well as diets for specific conditions and goals: like blood-sugar control or weight management. For more information please click here.

This is the assessment of tissue health through the iris (coloured part) of the eye, which is a nervous system gateway, or mirror, for all the major organs and tissues of the body. This live nerve feedback system is an excellent means of finding strengths, weaknesses and toxicities, potentially long before a problem presents itself, and someone is diagnosed with a ‘disease’ state. For more information please click here.

These remedies help balance and clear the emotions and the mind. Specific energetic infusions of Wild-Crafted Flower Essences and Gem Mineral Essences can gently and deeply help bring emotional healing and mental calm and clarity to your life. For more information please click here.

Tachyon means ‘faster than light’ energy. These energy healing tools can help provide protection from EMF’s, help balance the energy fields of the body, slow down or even reverse the ageing process by repairing tissue at the RNA/DNA level, and, in the clinical setting can help immensely with issues related to acute and chronic pain. For more information please click here. See also www.tachyon-partners.com/tls