Vibrational Essences

Many people are aware of the Bach Flower Remedy system of healing. The purpose behind these ‘energetic remedies’ is to help one to find balance emotionally and mentally. The remedies affect the subtle energy bodies (etheric, emotional and mental bodies) and help to bring any imbalanced emotions or attitudes back to more perfect harmony with your true inner and higher nature – perfection. For example, if one is working on the tendency to be over-controlling of others, if one is repeating the same mistakes over and over, or if there is procrastination to the point of stifling your growth, these remedies can help shift your energy and attitude enough for a permanent evolution to occur.
These ‘homeopathic-like’ remedies are generally taken four to five times a day for prolonged transformation and as often as every 15minutes to help one through perceived states of stubborn block or emotional crises, (e.g. acute fear, anxiety and panic) In my practice I use a combination of the Bach system, Gem Mineral essences as well as my own, locally wild-crafted flower essences. These locally wild-crafted flower essences tend to be more powerful than other flower essence formulations since they are produced from wild plants, which are known to have higher ‘energy’ and vitality then commercially grown flowers.

Taking these remedies can be considered a stand-alone therapeutic modality, however most of my clients use this as a complement to other work being done, like nutrition, tonic herbal therapy, shamanic or Tachyon healing. The vibrational remedies allow you to keep enhancing yourself awareness and growth on a daily basis and at an accelerated rate.