Tachyon Healing

Tachyon is Greek for ‘faster than light’ and represents an energy field or particles that exist on a higher dimension than we can examine through traditional scientific equipment. Tachyon is also related to the Quantum field and Zero Point Energy (ZPE). This is the realm that brings order to all the physical forms of the universe, from the smallest sub-atomic particle to the swirling of the galaxies and super-galaxies, all things exist according to a higher law or principle that creates form out of formlessness. It also does this intelligently. Tachyon then, can be seen as the supra-dimensional intelligent matrix that allows order and form to manifest out of chaos* or unlimited, pure energy potential.
(*chaos in this sense does not means dis-order, but primordial formlessness, where no ‘thing’ exists, but the potential for all things to exist.)

As energy ‘descends’ from the higher levels of formlessness, the first manifestation, before energy is formed into frequency-based patterns, Tachyon particles channel formless energy into the regions of frequency and form. All vibration is at a certain and specific frequency, (like middle ‘C’ on a piano, or F# on a guitar etc). Tachyon are the particles that give rise to all frequencies and are able to bring optimal balance and harmony of those frequencies, especially with electromagnetic fields and living organisms.

With Tachyon’s ability to bring a coherence to an energy field, body systems tend to find balance and alignment, when subjected to Tachyon energy. This is called a state of verticality, when ones energy fields including all organs and cells are aligned with this higher dimensional organizing Tachyon Energy.

When there is energetic balance, the body, emotions and mind follow suit. As it is said, ‘as above, so below’, the balance and harmonization of the higher level energy fields, will bring balance to the lower level energy fields of the body and mind. These are called SOEF’s, or Subtle Organizing Energy Fields, and provide the template for the programming of from and renewal in the physical world. An acorn develops into an Oak tree, a liver cell replicates into a liver cell. All form follows principles of likeness and order according to its original blueprint. Aging and disease occur when this copying or transcribing process starts to break down over time. Tachyon provides the energy field to help slow and even reverse this process. This is why Tachyon is regarded as a youthing technology. Not only does it protect against EMF’s but it also can reverse RNA/DNA damage to living systems, and hence offers the potential for optimizing one health and ones life.

Since Tachyon brings healing and balancing energy to any part of the body, whether internal or external, it is extremely effective for reducing and eliminating pain. The experience of pain is often dampened with pain killers, but pain is a signal to the brain that there is a significant imbalance or injury to tissue and should not be merely suppressed. Pain is vital messaging to inform the brain of injury or inflammation in a certain area of the body. When there is a failure to repair the affected tissue, pain becomes chronic.

The beauty of Tachyon treatments are in their ability to bring in and concentrate an abundance of coherent energy into a local area and help accelerate the body’s ability to heal. So we have a technology to assist the body’s innate intelligence of self-repair by tapping into the very source of all frequencies (Tachyon) that make the form of the body possible. Hence Tachyon healing is one of the most powerful tools today for helping the body to heal itself and get out of acute and chronic pain.

“I have had pain in my left side for 5 years, and it was gone for nearly 3 weeks after only one treatment”
– K.T., Aurora, Ontario

“One Tachyon Treatment did more for my knee pain than 12 weeks of physiotherapy”
– P.E., Richmond Hill, Ontario

“I’ve had chronic neck and back pain for years, but after only three Tachyon treatments, I can move my back and neck much more easily and I don’t have near the degree of pain I used to. I have drastically cut back on my pain medication.”
– N.Y., Newmarket, Ontario

Very simply, a Tachyon treatment is usually one hour long. You, the client lies down on a massage table and Tachyon tools, (disks and bars) are place on the affected areas of the body. Often Tachyonized lotions are also used to accelerate and deepen the effect of Tachyon energy in trouble spots.

Treatments are very relaxing and calming, with clients feeling relief of pain almost immediately. Sometimes there will also be internal experiences, (heat, pulsations, tingling, and emotional releases) as the body’s energy field gets more balanced and nourished. Every experience is unique and depends on the individual. Also, depending on ones specific pain or energy block challenges, it may be recommended to wear Tachyon disks over the area of pain between visits to achieve maximum and continual exposure to the healing power of Tachyon energy. This will accelerate the healing process even faster, as well as maximize and continue the benefits of the in-clinic treatment time, allowing one to become pain free as quickly as possible.

Everyone responds differently with Tachyon treatments. It depends on how severe the pain is, how long one has had pain for, and how depleted of life force the body is. Some people may experience relief in only 1-3 treatments, but in more severe cases this may take longer. There is no set amount of time for everyone. Recovery also depends on other factors. Are you still doing things that are depleting your life force? Poor dietary choices, excessive drug and alcohol consumption, no physical activity, excessive exposure to EMF’s (watching TV, using cell phones unprotected, living close to power lines or cell phone towers) can all hinder the process of healing. However, all things being equal Tachyon will provide that extra amount of positive healing energy to ones life, in order to get one to the next level of health.