Iridology is the analysis of the tissue health of the body through the iris of the eye. The iris is the coloured part of the eye (usually brown or blue, green or hazel) and is actually layered bundles of nerve fibres of the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS). These fibres are directly linked into the whole body via the central nervous system (CNS) through the brain, down the spinal cord, and out into all the areas of living tissue on the body. All organs and systems are ‘plugged’ into the nervous system and this is the means of how we can have a ‘live video camera’ feed into the body.

We can see the status of various organs and tissues, and tell if they are over-functioning or underfunctioning, whether there is inflammation, poor circulation, lymphatic congestion, etc. There are more than 30 iris signs that one can interpret to yield a comprehensive picture of ones health. The iris also lets us know where there is inherent weakness and where there may be areas of deep toxicity. Although virtually everyone has some degree of toxicity, for some this issue can be the biggest impediment to health, and the eye will reveal the degree of toxicity in the body and where it is having the most negative effect.

The beauty of Iridology is that it can tell us what might give someone potential problems later in life (inherent weakness), so we can pro-actively make recommendations to eliminate or reduce this potential threat to ‘health for life.’

As with any health analysis tool, iridology cannot tell us every possible bit of information. Medical tests reveal quantitative measures, such as blood pressure, enzyme levels, Blood Cell counts, blood sugar levels etc.

Iridology analysis will reveal levels of over-activity and distinct levels of tissue underactivity–quite accurately–but we do not diagnose or name a disease. On the legal side, diagnosis is the exclusive venue of the Medical industry. For another reason, saying we have liver over-function does not equate to hepatitis, and liver under function does not equate to liver cirrhosis.

Specific things iridology will not tell us are: high blood pressure (this can vary over time), the presence of parasites (foreign organisms are not part of the body and nerve tissue per se), but they may be inferred as being possibly present due to levels of toxicity, especially in the intestinal tract. Pregnancy cannot be inferred since this is a natural function of the body. Gallstones and kidney stones cannot be diagnosed since they too are not part of the tissues of the body. Only actual body tissues will show up in the iris.

This service is offered either on its own (no health recommendations), or as part of my Whole Life Assessment with my herbal clients. I take pictures of both eyes with a colour forensics camera, and we re-convene in 1-3 days and we go over your eye analysis in depth. You also receive a full length report (usually 7-8 pages) detailing the findings and summary of areas of concern. Please contact me via email to arrange an appointment in my clinic location. Currently this service is not offered on-line.