Herbal remedies have been the mainstay for human health since the beginning of time. Even today, over 80% of the world’s population uses herbal remedies as a means of primary health care. Herbs tend to be the safer and more effective approach to building health, preventing disease, as well as naturally helping the body to recover from illness.

Unlike drugs, which virtually always have side effects, and of course incontrovertibly and directly contribute to a long list of hundreds of thousands of fatalities each and every year, it is clear herbs offer a more sane choice if you want to achieve real healing and maintain optimal health, regardless of age or health condition.

While most ‘relatively healthy’ people can take simple herbs for self care, I have seen a huge under-utilization of the potential of herbs. Most people use herbs on a symptom relief approach, which is valuable when needed, but the greatest benefit herbs offer are their ability to enable the body to achieve a much higher level of health than one could without the use of herbs. This approach comes from careful observation of the needs of my clients (as a sub-set of a chronically stressed modern Western civilization), extensive formal training, knowledge and experience of the best, most effective herbal remedies.

I was trained as a traditional Western herbal, in a 1,000 hour program which covered on all aspects of herbal knowledge, both in-class and in the field, as well as the modern sciences of anatomy, physiology, pathology and chemistry. This training also included supervised clinic hours, and other study relevant to natural healing, such as nutrition, lifestyle counselling, aromatherapy (clinical/medicinal use of essential oils) and flower essence therapy. My knowledge in how to custom formulate herbal tonics specifically for the individual client allows me to help one get the best results in the quest for health.

While in my care, I also teach the essentials of all aspects of health. This includes what is the best ways to take herbs, what herbs to take and why. My approach based on a systems approach that deeply heals and nourishes major organ systems of the body, in order to bring balance and harmony throughout the entire body. In this way there is less need to chase after symptoms, since they are only flags telling us where the body needs attention. Suppression of symptoms is not the goal. Elimination of symptoms comes after the relevant organs and systems are back to optimal functioning. This is how herbal tonic therapy heals and supports the health of the entire system. So I teach how to build the vital forces in all the major body systems, as well as how to deeply cleanse and detoxify the body. (Who would buy a new car, drive it for 10 years and never change the oil?)

I also make detailed recommendations in diet (including easy recipes), and teach the fundamental principles of what effect food groups have on health – something you will rarely, if ever, hear about in the mass media. I also cover the lifestyle issues of: exercise methods, mind and spirit disciplines as well. (See also Lifestyle/Nutritional Counselling, Vibrational Essences, Tachyon Healing.)

If you seem me for physical issues and herbal therapy, I do a thorough case history, nutritional and lifestyle assessment, as well as an Iridology examination. This information gathering usually takes up to two hours. We then follow-up (within several days) with a second visit (up to two hours) where I report to you the results of the Iridology analysis, give dietary and lifestyle recommendations, answer your questions, recommend whole food supplements if deemed helpful in your individual case, and formulate your first custom herbal tonic blend.

Generally every four weeks you return, so we can review how you did while taking the previous tonic, recommend adjustments in diet and lifestyle, if needed, and then formulate a new tonic herbal blend. This continues until we have gone through all the major metabolic systems, or until you are happy with the progress you have made. Since virtually everyone has areas of weakness, (for example: poor immune function, or an under-active circulatory system) these specific areas may require more time to bring about balance and healing.

Everyone is very different for how long they continue in the program. Some come once only for an Iridology assessment, while other stay on for an extended period of time, either since they have deep health issues, and building health in the very weak takes more time, or, some continue to see me for the sake of maintaining exceptional health for the long run. The average time to go through the program can be 6-12 months, but again this depends on many factors that differ from person to person. The time commitment is up to you, and depends on how far you want to build up your health.