Curcumin and Cancer Therapeutics

CurcuminAs written in Natural News, the second leading cause of cancer-related death in America, colon  cancer, is projected to take over 50,000 lives in 2013, just in the US. The  steep death toll can be prevented, however, because the causes of colon cancer  are preventable and are no coincidence. Cancer of the colon is based on risk  factors acquired through lifestyle decisions.
These risk factors do not  include stereotypical medical excuses like family genetics and being over 50  years old.

Stereotypical colon cancer risk factors debunked

People of the same  family may harbor similar genes, but more importantly, they may pass on the same  mindsets. Similar negative gene expression may actually come from families who  tend to practice and teach the same philosophies about thinking, eating and  medicating.
In fact, gene expression can be completely altered and  changed in the face of cancer when a new mindset and eating approach is  undertaken. (Certain substances like turmeric can alter proteins in colon cancer  cells.)
Age is no risk factor for cancer either. Just because a person is  over age 50, doesn’t mean they need a colonoscopy from a medical doctor. One can  be completely confident that they are not harboring cancer by knowing their  nutrition levels and understanding their body’s signs and the condition of their  stool.
If there’s one assurance that trumps all, it’s the understanding  that natural substances like turmeric have the greatest impact on killing cancer  cells in the colon. Turmeric, and its active ingredient, curcumin,  has been tested for its ability to destroy colon cancer cells at the Department  of Surgery, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.
The  results, were astounding.

Curcumin obliterates colon cancer cells

In the study, researchers looked  at three kinds of colon cancer cells, p53(+/+), p53(-/-) HCT-116, and p53  HT-29.
Cancer cell death was observed through curcumin’s ability to  reduce pro-caspase-3 levels, polymerase-1 cleavage and chromatin condensation.  In a time- and dosage-dependent manner, curcumin caused wild-type p53 HCT-116  cells to self-destruct, while obliterating mutant p53 HT-29 cells in their  tracks.
The researchers were so astounded that they proposed that  curcumin may actually have therapeutic potential in the management of colon cancer. With its ability to inhibit the growth of neoplastic cells, curcumin  is king against colon cancer. In the presence of curcumin, colon cancer cells  went through a process of phosphorylation, which is a complete altering  of the function and activity of certain protein enzymes. This was all for the  better, as oxidative stress was alleviated and superoxide anion production was  increased.

Affordable curcumin cancer treatments could save over 50,000 lives without  the devastating side effects

Health care is not expensive after all, and no  one has to lose their hair to overcome cancer. The medical system and the  insurance companies may only cover and recommend chemotherapy drugs and  radiation treatment, but that way of thinking is not working. Look at all the  dying people. It’s not working. (A government health insurance mandate won’t  make the broken health care system work either.)
Instead, cancer  treatment can be as simple as consuming daily doses of turmeric. Who said you  needed to poison the immune system with radiation and chemotherapy just to kill  some cancer in the colon?
Medical doctors in America typically graduate  and are accredited simply by following one way of thinking. This means they  probably have no clue about the evidence of turmeric  killing cancer. Maybe they are restricted from recommending a cheaper, natural  therapy that actually works. Maybe turmeric doesn’t pay off their student loans  and high salaries. Regardless, turmeric itself can travel in the body, alkalize  it and kill cancer cells in their tracks.

An alkaline state of body should be first priority

Furthermore, the  importance of starving cancer cells by creating an alkaline state in the body is  disregarded by mainstream medical doctors. An alkaline state makes bacteria,  virus, cancer and fungus growth practically impossible. Alkalizing the body,  which is rooted in a holistic lifestyle eating approach, should be the first  step in any cancer treatment.
How might patients get to an alkaline  state?
First, the hospital wouldn’t feed the patients processed food.  They’d hydrate the patients’ bodies with filtered water and feed them fresh  herbs and vegetables from the hospital garden. Patients would be fed only foods  that are alkaline forming. A few examples of these foods include apple cider  vinegar, probiotic cultures, berries, spirulina, mostly any herb, peppers,  mushrooms, broccoli, garlic and spices like cinnamon and turmeric.

You can prevent and destroy cancer right here, right now

There’s no  coincidence to colon cancer incidence, and you can begin to help yourself, right  now, and begin preventing and destroying cancer in the colon.  As a matter of fact, you are the only person that can help you right now,  because the last time I checked, the doctor wasn’t bringing in fresh vegetables,  herbs and doses of turmeric for you to eat at the clinic or hospital. He’s  probably over there talking to the pharmaceutical rep, taking an incentive,  ready to put you on a new experimental drug.